Margaritaville At Sea Cruise Limo Service West Palm Beach

Margaritaville is a well-known franchise that was sparked after the world-famous song, “Margaritaville” by Jimmy Buffet. Fans of the song know that it’s a place flowing with the best tropical drink available, margaritas – where you’re having so much fun that you can’t find your salt shaker. With the success of Jimmy Buffet’s song, he opened a franchise that consists of many resorts and restaurants. But, more recently, the franchise paired with a cruise line to create Margaritaville At Sea, a cruiseliner that offers 2-day sailings out of West Palm Beach to the Bahamas. With so many people wanting to experience the Margaritaville At Sea experience, there are some things that travelers should know about the ship, the sailings, and even transportation options like the limo service West Palm Beach companies, like Dreamride, that can make their tropical cruise experience even more memorable.

A Bit About Margaritaville At Sea

Margaritaville At Sea docks and sets sail from a port in West Palm Beach. Other ports in Florida are located in Miami and Port Canaveral, so West Palm Beach is more accessible for many of the residents of South Florida. It offers something that no other cruise line offers – 2-night cruises straight from South Florida to the Bahamas. This is a great option for people who can’t take off work for the week but want to have a getaway to a tropical island onboard a cruise liner.

Some Statistics About the Margaritaville At Sea

  • the ship was built in 1991 and rebranded as a Margaritaville ship in 2021
  • it holds 1,680 people and has 658 cabins
  • it’s just over 723 feet long
  • it boasts 5 bars and common rooms
  • there are 10 decks
  • it has 8 dining/restaurant areas

Cruising to the Bahamas

The Margaritaville At Sea takes passengers on an adventure to the Bahamas, where passengers can book excursions like dolphin encounters, resort visits, spa days, and more. You can book your shore excursions with the cruise line to make things a breeze. Or, if you’re not into excursions, simply get off the ship and enjoy your day on the beach or shopping at some of the port’s stores.

What to do on Board the Ship

When you’re not docked at the port in the Bahamas, you can find your entertainment on board the Margaritaville At Sea. Some things to do on board include:

  • shopping
  • eating at fine dining establishments
  • entertainment including singing/dancing and comedy shoes
  • karaoke and piano bar
  • swimming at the pool
  • getting a massage, facial, or other spa treatment at the spa
  • gambling at the casino

Using a Limo Service West Palm Beach for Your Next Cruise

Passengers aboard the Margaritaville At Sea will have to find parking or pay at the port. But, if you don’t want the hassle of parking and leaving your vehicle at the port, there’s another option. Limo services in West Palm Beach, like the ones offered by Dreamride, allow you to start your cruise Bahamas vacation off right with luxury transportation for you and all of your guests. With many luxury vehicle options to choose from that all have their own, custom features, you’ll be on vacation before you even get to the port! Find out more about all of our vehicles, our services, and how to book online right on our website.