How to Best Plan for an Upcoming Group Travel Experience

Are you planning to travel in the near future with a group? Planning a trip can be a challenge. But, planning a trip for an entire group is even more difficult. Whether you’re traveling with family, friends, or people from your job, there are things you can do to make planning for group travel easier. Check out some of these go-to travel tips to make your group trip planning go more smoothly!

Determine Who Will be in Your Group

Before you set a destination, dates, and spending for your group trip, you’ll need to know who’s going to be traveling with you. Setting a specific number will help you best determine what type of lodging, transportation, and budget you’ll need for your group. So, this is the first step to planning your travel. One suggestion is to set a specific date for people who are invited or interested in joining the group to RSVP so you can be sure of the number of people who are going and still have time to set up the rest of the details in advance.

Set a Date for the Trip

Once you’ve determined who is going on the group trip, you can then determine the dates. The earlier you can determine the dates of travel, the more time people will have to adjust their schedules. And, this means that you’ll have less of a chance of people backing out. So, consider this when determining when the trip will be. You want to give people time to take off work, save money for expenses, and take care of other responsibilities while they’re away.

Research the Air Tickets and Lodgings

The most costly things about travel are usually airfare and lodgings. But, if you book these far enough in advance, you’ll be able to save. So, it’s best to look at airfare and hotels/motels/campgrounds as soon as possible to save as much as possible. Plus, it can be harder to book airfare and lodgings for groups of people closer to your travel date. This is because airfare tickets may sell out and lodging accommodations may fill up. Therefore, think about which airport you want to leave and arrive back at and where you’d like to stay and determine the price of these accommodations/transportation early on in the planning process for the best results.

Determine the Price Point for Each Individual

Once you have determined the airfare and how much your lodgings will be, you can come up with a price point for each of your traveling companions. Letting your group of travelers how much they can count on spending for at least travel and lodging will let them know how much more they have to save for extra expenses. So, once you’ve booked the hotel and airfare, let the travelers in your group know how much they’ll need to budget for these items. And, even suggest how much more they may want to take with them for other expenses (food, transportation, events, etc.). Giving your group a price point for their trip will help them feel more comfortable with how much they will need to save up for the trip and that they’re taking enough funds with them to spend for leisure.

Plan Your Transportation in Advance

When you’re traveling, you’ll likely need rides when you get to your destination to different places or events. Or, you’ll need a ride to and from the airport. Planning for these transportation needs in advance can save you time, money, and stress. If you’re traveling to and from South Florida, consider Dreamride Luxury Transportation and Limos for your transportation!

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