Illuminating the History of the Luxury Limousine

If you’ve ever been in a limousine, you understand the relaxing and memorable experience it is. And, how it makes transportation an experience that you can enjoy. Limousines have been a way to celebrate accomplishments with friends and loved ones while providing transportation to where you need to be. They have been an icon for luxury transportation for many years and are showcased in TV and movies as a portrait of what great transportation can truly be. But, what’s the history of the luxury limousine that makes it so special that it’s still such a staple in the luxury transportation realm?

Inspired By Horse-Drawn Carriage

The name ‘limousine’ was inspired by the region located in France called Limousin. Back in the 1700s, in this region, it was made popular to have a horse-drawn carriage transport wealthier, more prominent citizens These horse-drawn carriages were intended to provide privacy for those in transit as they separated the driver from the passengers. In comparison to these carriages, limousines offer the same privacy as they are typical of separating the driver from passengers by way of automatic windows between the driver and passenger sides.

Going Into the Motorized Area

While horse-drawn carriages in the French Limousin region were the inspiration for limousines, the term ‘limousine’ wasn’t coined until the motorized era. This was in the early 1900s and the term limousine was used to describe vehicles that could hold a larger number of passengers (5 or 6) and had a separate area for the driver. So, these limousines weren’t what you imagine of limousines today, but their sole purpose was to provide a comfortable ride for passengers with privacy between passengers and drivers.

The Beginning of the Stretch Limo

The length of limousines wasn’t a thing until the 1920s when the stretch limousine came onto the scene. In these days, stretch limousines were invented for the purpose of transporting band equipment and members all in one vehicle. But, still, these limousines didn’t look like the modern ones used today. And, were used mostly as they were convenient for transporting large groups of people and their equipment. Soon, with the movie scene, limousines were used for the transportation of actors, their crew, and film equipment to shoots and events. Thereafter, they quickly became known for transporting people that were of high class in society. So, they became more popular and were used in the transportation of whether people to and from hotels, parties, and other special events.

The Modern-Day Limo

A luxury limousine today doesn’t have to be ridden by the wealthy or high class. But, it is still a status symbol of luxury and comfort within the transportation realm. They provide a private, luxurious, and comfortable transportation experience that everyone can enjoy, whether it’s to and from a special event or just a night on the town.

Today, there is a range of luxury limousine options available. For example, SUV limos, traditional stretch limousines, and even limousine sprinter buses. For your luxury transportation needs in South Florida, you can always trust Dream Ride Luxury Transportation and Limos. Find out more about our line of luxury vehicles and book your next ride today from our website.