How to Pack for a Cruise That Leaves from South Florida

Leaving the Port of Miami and setting sail on a cruise ship is a memorable experience that one won’t soon forget. There’s a reason over 1,200 cruise ships leave this port every year – the tropical climate, access to international transportation, and central location near many desirable vacation destinations reachable by ship. Certainly, taking a cruise with friends and/or family is something to look forward to. Cruise ships are known for their great food, lively partying, and schedules (waking up in a new location every day). So, there’s every reason to get excited about your upcoming cruise! However, if you’re a first-time cruiser or someone who has only been on cruises outside of tropical areas, you may have questions about how to pack for a cruise that goes out of Miami. Or, other things you should consider when leaving out of this South Florida port to make your cruise experience the best it can be.

Planning Around the Weather

When packing for a trip, you’ll definitely want to consider the type of clothing you’ll want to wear. Cruising out of South Florida ports means that you’ll likely be headed to warmer climates like The Keys or the Caribbean. So, you’ll definitely want to pack clothes that are comfortable for warmer weather. Certainly, don’t forget to pack your bathing suits! Along with lighter, comfortable clothing, also consider the sunny temperatures when it comes to packing sunscreen, sun hats, sunglasses, and beach towels. While cruise ships typically give you towels to use by the pool and for bathing, if you lose these towels off the ship, you will get charged. So, it can be helpful to pack a beach towel just in case.

Packing Footwear

Since you’ll be around the sun and water, the most important footwear to bring is your sandals and flip-flops. But, if you’re wanting to exercise on the ship or take any excursions, you may want to consider bringing a pair of sneakers. Finally, since there are formal nights on the ship or you may want to go out to a nice restaurant when ashore, you will also need one pair of nice, formal shoes.

Consider What You’ll Have in Your Room

Cruise ships are very convenient. So, you can expect there to be many of the things you’re planning to bring already on board. This will save you some space in your luggage for more important things (like souvenirs to bring home). Most cruise cabins come with shampoo, body wash, bars of soap, a hairdryer, towels, washcloths, a bath mat, water and snacks, and more. Plus, if you forget anything, you can always ask your cabin steward or head to the cruise shops. What won’t be included and you should pack in terms of toiletries include hair styling products, makeup, conditioner, and cologne or perfume.

Planning Your Transportation to and From the Port of Miami

While what you pack is certainly important, getting to and from the Port of Miami to get on or off your cruise ship is also something you should plan ahead of time. If you’re coming from the airport or from a hotel or Air BNB, you don’t have to use rideshare services. Instead, consider starting off your vacation in the right way with a luxury transportation service. Limos, VIP SUVs, and party buses are a great way to kick-start your trip with your family and friends.

Dreamride offers luxury transportation to and from the Port of Miami. So, if you’re ready to plan your transportation for your big cruise trip, check out our vehicle options and book with us today.