What Our Travel Service is Doing to Ensure Your Safety Today

Current times have people worrying about all sorts of things. However, even though many are affected by the current virus outbreak, life still continues. And, regardless of the suggestions of our government and their organizations, many people still need to continue with work obligations as they are essential to our economy and our country’s daily needs. If you’re one of these essential employees, you have even more to worry about. For example, how you’ll move about safely in a time like this. Or, how you’ll get to and from places you’ll need to go with as little risk to your health as possible.

If you’re an essential employee and are continuing to work and travel during this time of epidemic, Dream Ride Luxury Sprinter Transportation & Limos is here for you. We are currently open and operating under the guidelines of the CDC for ultimate safety and security. So, if you’re looking for a safe way to travel during this uncertain time, we’ve got your back. And, are doing what we can to continue keeping you safe and free from the effects of this virus. Thus, providing you with the means to continue with your pertinent work and daily activities.

Sanitation and Disinfecting Precautions for our Vehicles

Certainly, while we are currently operating to provide travel service to our loyal clients, we are increasing our cleaning and sanitation protocol. This includes completely disinfecting vehicles for passenger safety before each and every transport. This means that the vehicle you’ll reserve will be whipped clean with disinfectants before we come to pick you up. So, you can have the peace of mind that you won’t be exposed to any bacteria. And, that you can continue traveling and working as you need, regardless of the current circumstances.

Keeping Our Drivers Safe Keeps You Safe

Along with making sure that each of the vehicles in our fleet is properly sanitized and disinfected before each ride, we have taken further measures to ensure the health of our drivers. Because COVID 19 is a virus that transmits from person to person, we understand that the health of our drivers is pertinent to the continuity of our travel services. Therefore, we make sure to routinely screen our drivers to ensure they are in optimal health. Additionally, we work to educate our drivers on the CDC’s guidelines on social distancing. This way, they take all of the precautions needed to keep each of our passengers safe during their travels.

Our Travel Service Going Above and Beyond to Keep You Safe

Here at Dream Ride, we understand your concerns during this time. And, are working to keep you safe during your travels. Do you or a loved one need a travel service during this time of the Coronavirus epidemic? If so, we are here to offer our services. And, go above and beyond to ensure your health and safety during your time spent with us.

To learn more about the vehicles in our fleet, our services, and our special features, visit our website. To get a quote for your travel needs today, reach out to us on our website or call today at (954) 716-7778.