Choosing Between the Best Luxury Vehicles From Our Fleet

If you have a special event coming up, you may be looking for ways to enhance the experience with luxury transportation service. While you may initially think of a limo service, there are actually many types of luxury vehicles that luxury transportation services utilize and have available for special events. So, before booking a limo service, check out some of the best luxury vehicles available for your event so you make the premier choice for yourself and the other guests who may need transportation to your event.

Executive Luxury SUVs

Executive SUVs are a great choice for transportation for parties of up to 6 people. With a leather interior, woodgrain finishes, and flip-down monitors, you can sit back and relax while enjoying your ride, all while you’re being taken to the location of your event. Other features of available executive SUVs include AUX hookups, available wifi connectivity, red carpet service (on request), and more.


Like the look and feel of luxury SUVs but need room for more than 6 passengers to travel? A VIP SUV limo provides the same luxury experience as an executive luxury SUV but in the form of a stretch limo. This allows for the same luxury features you love about an executive SUV with more room to share the experience with others. With the capability of travel for up to 14 passengers, a VIP SUV limo provides more than just a limo experience. It offers an upgraded luxury limo experience that you can’t get with a typical stretch limo, plus all of the features you’d get with an executive luxury SUV.

Mercedes Sprinter Luxury Vip Executive Edition

If you’ve ever seen an executive Mercedes Sprinter, you can understand the appeal and popularity of these luxury vehicles for event transportation. With lots of headroom, panoramic windows, wood flooring, leather captain’s chairs, all the available features of luxury vehicles, and more, there’s nothing else to want for. Mercedes Sprinter Luxury VIP Executive Edition vehicles have the capacity to transport up to 14 passengers. So, they’re a great option for wedding parties, corporate parties, small birthday parties, prom night transportation, and more!

25 Passenger Party Limo Bus

If you have a larger party of up to 25 people that need transportation to your event, a party bus may be the right choice. These large buses are great for transporting to events in style with larger groups of people. Specifically, for sporting events, as you can choose a tailgate add-on that includes an outdoor television, grill, and even a restroom!

Luxury 40 Passenger Executive Minibus

Have even more than 25 passengers that need to travel to your event? The luxury 40 passenger party bus is the perfect choice for the largest groups of passengers. With an executive minibus, you don’t just get to your event – you get there while sharing the moment with all of your event guests in one vehicle! Plus, with a number of complementary features including hardwood flooring, captain chair style seating, smart TVs, AUX hookups, ice-cold a/c, and much more, you’re not soon to forget your luxury dream ride.

Schedule the Best Luxury Vehicles for Your Next Event

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