Why Using a Party Bus Company is a Great Idea for Your Birthday

Do you have an upcoming birthday? Are you looking for a way to spend your birthday with friends or family as a group or have fun ideas for a birthday party in South Florida? Consider hiring a party bus company to utilize a party bus and make your birthday one to remember not just for you, but for your guests too! Use your birthday as a reason to take advantage of all that a party bus company has to offer.

Using a Party Bus Makes Traveling on Your Birthday More Convenient

If you’re wanting to spend your birthday with a group of people, it can be a headache to plan a night out when multiple people have to travel separately. With a party bus, no one has to drive. This means that everyone will get to your party destinations at the same time and all together – making the traveling experience on your day or night out a breeze for everyone. And, with party buses that can hold up to 40 people, you can make your birthday party as big as you want – which doesn’t limit you on who you can invite or make you worry about how everyone at your birthday party will get to your party destinations.

Use Fun Party Features on the Way to Your Party Destinations to Get the Party Started

There are no limits to features on a party bus that make your birthday, well, a party! Your party doesn’t have to start when everyone arrives at your first destination – it can start on the way! Party buses boast a number of fun features including AUX surround sound hookups, LED lighting, TVs, available wifi, and more. A party bus is called a party bus for a reason – it allows for a party experience in and of itself. So, if you want you and your birthday guests to have a great time not only once they get to your party destination, but on the way to and from, a party bus is the way to go.

Party Buses Allow for Safety and NO Designated Drivers

It can be a big downer asking one of your friends to be the DD on your birthday. But, with a party bus, the designated driver is your licensed and professional chauffeur. This means you don’t have to worry about the safety of any of your guests drinking and driving on your birthday and everyone can get as loose as they want without putting anyone in harm’s way.

Available Party Bus Options Fro Dreamride Luxury Transportation and Limo

Having a birthday party in South Florida? Dreamride Luxury Transportation and Limos can provide you with your party bus needs. With a number of vehicles to consider, you have your prime choice for the perfect birthday party vehicle. Some of our party bus options include:

26-Passenger Party Bus: This party bus allows for the max guest limit of 26 people and offers a wide range of features including Bluetooth capabilities, wood flooring, a large ice cooler, panoramic windows, strobe lights, and more.

Mercedes Sprinter Black VIP Party Bus Edition: This 14-passenger party bus offers a number of fun features including wraparound seating, RGB lighting, USB charging ports throughout, exterior undercarriage lighting, and more.

Luxury 40-Passenger Executive Minibus: This vehicle transports up to 40 passengers and offers features including a high-end sound system, wide-screen TV and DVD, luxury captain chairs, and more.

25-Passenger Party Limo Bus: Our party limo bus holds up to 25 passengers and offers a number of luxury features including an outdoor party package with grill and TV, satellite TV, high-end surround sound speakers, and more.

Hiring Dreamride For Your Upcoming Birthday Party

Book with Dreamride today to experience the best transportation has to offer on your birthday! See more about all of our vehicles and book online today.