The Best Ways to Get Around Town During Your Travel to Palm Beach

Planning to travel to Palm Beach sometime in 2021? If so, you’ll need to get around to see the beautiful beaches and explore the tropical paradise South Florida has to offer. But, to do so, you’ll need transportation! Fortunately, there are many options for getting around Palm Beach, so there’s always a way to get to where you need to go. Check out some of the best transportation options Palm Beach County has to offer.

Palm Beach Public Train Transit – TriRail

Travel from West Palm Beach all the way to Miami International Airport using TriRail, the public train service of the Palm Beaches. The train offers both south and northbound routes every day of the week. With affordable fares, you can take the TriRail without worry about breaking the bank. Check out schedules, stations, and destinations available right on the TriRail website.

Palm Beach Public Bus Transit – Palm Tran

The Palm Beach public bus transit system, Palm Tran, offers daily routes throughout the county. These routes span from southern Boca Raton to North Palm Beach. With routes all over town, you can take the Palm Tran anywhere in the county you need to go! Check out bus routes, schedules, and fares right on the Palm Tran website to schedule your transit.

Speedy Train Transit in South Florida – Brightline

One of the newest ways to travel in South Florida, Brightline is a quick way to go north or southbound right along the eastern coast of the state. And, with plans to expand to Tampa and Orlando, this means of transportation is only going to get more and more popular for both South Florida guests and residents. With minimal stops, Brightline is quicker than other means of transit and train car options, like the TriRail. Plus, with available extension and upgrade options, you can experience Wi-Fi, food and drink, and more. Find a station near you right on the Brightline website to learn more.

Luxury Limos and Sprinter Services – Dreamride

Want to get the most out of traveling in South Florida? Consider a limo, party bus, or sprinter chauffeur service, like the one offered by Dreamride. With a chauffeur service, not only do you get to ride in a luxury vehicle that can transit a number of guests, but you also get the upgraded service to make your travel dreams come true. Our drivers can pick up and transport you and your guests wherever you need to go in Florida, so there are no limits to what you can do and see!

Some of the vehicles in our fleet to choose from include:

  • Luxury SUV
  • 25 Passenger Party Limo Bus
  • VIP SUV Limo
  • Mercedes Sprinter Luxury VIP Edition
  • Luxury 40 Passenger Executive Minibus

And, some of our featured services include:

No matter where you are going to be staying in South Florida, Dreamride can offer the luxury transportation you need. This way you can arrive in style anywhere you need to go!

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